25 12, 2020

Graves Golf: Stop Practicing Putting


— Todd Graves "Why is putting the only time in golf where the lead arm is bent? Why is putting so different than chipping and the full swing. Can you make chipping like putting? [...]

Graves Golf: Stop Practicing Putting2022-06-13T10:54:53-05:00
23 12, 2020

Graves Golf: The Problem with Putters


— Todd Graves In this video Todd explores putting and how golfers have taken for granted the poor design of putters. He also shows a more Natural and Common-sense approach - a Single Plane way [...]

Graves Golf: The Problem with Putters2022-06-13T10:56:27-05:00
10 12, 2020

Graves Golf: Single Plane Putting with BioMech


— Todd Graves "Many of you have asked about the interesting looking putter that I have been using on the channel. After struggling with putting for my entire life I started asking important questions [...]

Graves Golf: Single Plane Putting with BioMech2021-10-13T11:53:28-05:00
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