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Instructional Resources For Use BioMech Putters.

The below resources have been prepared to assist you with achieving the benefits that our BioMech Putters are designed to provide to both your game and physical wellbeing.

Instructional Text
Instructional Videos

Recommended technique for consistent setup and stroke



Place the putter flat on the ground. The ACE’s forward shaft lean allows the extended grip to rest against the inner surface of the leading forearm.

The putter is an orthotic – it sets you up in the proper position.



Step into the putter with your Back Foot 3”-5” directly behind the putter head.

Place your Lead Foot slightly back creating a balanced, athletic open stance.

This position automatically places the ball in the center of your stance.



Using light-grip pressure, rest the extended grip on the inner surface of the leading forearm
2” – 3” below the elbow.

The forward shaft lean sets your shoulder angle in the optimal tilt permitting, maximal shoulder rotation through the putting motion.



The basic motion is best accomplished when your upper body, including hands and arms, are moved as one piece by loading your trailing leg and releasing the leading side down the line, similar to the motion of a bump-and-run shot. Depending on the length of the putt, adjust your acceleration, keeping a consistent backstroke length.

The grip should remain in contact with the forearm throughout the entire stroke.