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BioMech is a professional company that designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes innovative golf equipment and the corresponding educational and instructional materials that enrich every player’s golf experience.

Founded by scientists and design engineers credentialed in the biological and physical sciences, the company utilizes functional and clinical anatomy, physiology, and physics to optimize golf movements.


Rhode Island-based, BioMech Golf’s CEO Frank Fornari, PhD and wife, Gwen Bauer, PhD, scientists in the biotechnology field, partnered in the research and design of the AccuLock ACE putter.

The idea was born when Frank and tennis pro, Lavonne Davis were discussing their putting difficulty. Lavonne started tinkering with putter shaft angles which eventually led to the optimal angle incorporated in the AccuLock system.

The research and development have taken six years and the data regarding the improvement for every aspect of the putting motion are very compelling.


BioMech’s flagship product, the AccuLock ACE putter – designed to match the biomechanics of the human body—has become a must-have club for tour professionals, club pros, and casual amateur players, and is receiving considerable attention since its unveiling at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida.

Its design also can prevent and reduce back problems typically associated with traditional putting and the method requires much less work.