RICHMOND, Va., March 21, 2022  — Advancing its commitment to empowering golfers at all levels with access to real-time analytics and immediate biofeedback to improve performance and enjoyment, BioMech Golf, a division of BioMech Holdings, LLC, announced today the release of its BioMech PUTT for Android and the addition of BioMech MAX to its line of world-class putters. Already available for iOS devices in the App Store – where it has a 5-star rating – the BioMech PUTT golf putting analysis system can now be downloaded from Google Play for use on Android devices, while BioMech MAX is available online and in select sports retail outlets.

A powerful scientific putting system, BioMech PUTT consists of the user-friendly app and a lightweight, quick-release sensor that work together to measure and analyze a golfer’s putting stroke in real time and under real playing conditions. Putting stroke data is instantly captured, quantified, and analyzed, then relevant information and biofeedback are streamed back to the mobile device – adding insights and enjoyment to practice while subtracting strokes.

“BioMech PUTT helps golfers of all levels improve their skills by providing consistent and immediate performance feedback. It can be used by individual golfers or in conjunction with instructors,” said Laird Small, award-winning master instructor, a top 100 teacher who was recognized as one of the 50 best golf teachers in America, and the 2003 PGA National Teacher of the Year. “It’s a level of information previously available only in a performance lab setting but that can now go with the golfer to any course and provide immediate feedback in real-world settings to calibrate strokes and improve performance. It’s an amazingly intuitive system.”

Fun and easy to use, the BioMech PUTT app measures and displays face and loft angles, timing, and acceleration changes throughout the stroke. Its Putting Score™ provides a weighted calculation for every putt to easily track and compare progress, while Target Line Length™ displays when the golfer’s face angle is within the allowable deviation for a specified distance. With BioMech PUTT, golfers can set thresholds and alerts and review metrics for individual putts or session averages. It sets up in seconds, works with any brand of putter, and self-calibrates for immediate use and accurate metrics.

“BioMech PUTT provides golfers at all skill levels with a mobile putting analysis system that measures, analyzes, and improves their performance by providing hands-free visual, audio, and haptic interactive feedback,” said Matt Messer, a PGA Tour instructor working with amateur and professional golfers, including major champions, who is certified in and teaches advanced analytics and motion analysis. “This is important, because the more senses that are engaged in real time, the faster golfers can correct and improve their putting stroke and make that new pattern permanent.”

Pivoting to the Company’s other major advancement in golf, the BioMech MAX putter is built heavier than earlier versions to deliver a better feel and improved performance. Its anatomically optimal design permits the grip to rest against the leading forearm’s inner surface, stabilizing the hands, arms, and shoulders. Using the core muscles and a stance that facilitates the simultaneous viewing of the target line and golf ball, this method reduces and/or eliminates small motor movements for a more accurate putt.

The putter design combines the physiology of the human body with the physics of the proper putting motion creating an anatomically optimal arm lock putter design that uses three built-in alignment aids to place the shoulders at the appropriate angle to simplify target alignment. It sets the golfer in a balanced stance and minimizes extraneous movements to optimize putting motion.

“The BioMech putter optimizes form and function for a more natural, athletic, and balanced putting motion while ensuring a forward lean angle that allows optimal shoulder rotation,” said BioMech Senior Vice President Heath Slocum, a four-time PGA Tour winner. “Whether used together or individually, BioMech MAX and BioMech PUTT allow professional and amateur golfers alike to harness the power of real-time functional motion analytics and instant biofeedback to enhance their performance and enjoyment of the sport.”

A BioMech PUTT putting sensor and active account are required to use the app. For more information, visit:

BioMech MAX putter prices start at $324.99. For more information, visit

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