Laird Small, David Edel and BioMech team up to bring putting synergies to PGA show

The 2018 PGA merchandise show saw BioMech teaming up with PGA Master Professional Laird Small and David Edel, Founder of Edel Golf. Small and Edel joined BioMech’s Chairman Frank Fornari, and VP Heath Slocum to discuss the synergies that the BioMech Putting Sensor brings to the golf industry – from fitting to instruction.


“BioMech Golf provides meaningful information in a multifaceted way—for the player, the instructor, and for equipment selection,” explains Small. “As an instructor, I can clearly see what’s happening while it’s happening and provide instructional feedback immediately. Because it’s so portable, I can be connected to them anywhere, in particular, while they are on the golf course under real playing conditions.”

For the player, it helps them gain awareness—you can’t get better if you don’t know where to look. The device identifies the things they do well and areas that need improvement. Armed with this information, they can work towards making the right motions more repeatable. Since the app is fun, they get hooked practicing with it, as we all know, the more you practice the better you get.”

For the equipment fitter, BioMech Golf measures the club’s performance and assesses how it enhances the player’s game. The application identifies and quantifies how subtle changes in weight, distribution, and head design marry the right putter to the right stroke to the right player.”
Says David Edel, “BioMech’s technology clearly emphasizes the influence of equipment. It quickly and accurately helps me match and optimize the proper equipment to players’ physiology and natural movements like never before. This tool is taking my team to the next level in putter fitting.”