Putter Designed To Optimize the Form and Function of the Human Body Now Comes in a Blade

Warwick, RI (Jan. 19, 2016) – Last year, BioMech Golf Equipment changed the look, shape, and effectiveness of putting with the introduction of the AccuLock ACE putter, the only putter engineered by scientists to complement the body’s natural motion. The ACE is in the hands of thousands of golfers, from amateurs to Tour pros, who now are making a more natural and consistent putting stance and stroke while putting less strain on their bodies.

Building on that success, BioMech introduces its newest putter, the AccuLock TOUCH, at the PGA Merchandise Show, held in Orlando, Florida January 27-29, 2016 (booth #1011). The TOUCH features a blade-shaped head for golfers who want a more traditional look while reaping the benefits of the scientifically proven AccuLock Putting System.

Those benefits include:

  • The long shaft (available from 37 to 47 inches, to fit players of any height) lets golfers stand comfortably upright and in balance, eliminating lower-back strain and pain
  • Standing tall and more open gives the golfer a better view of the target throughout the stroke
  • The shaft leans forward at a 12.5-degree angle, which positions the shoulders at the appropriate angle—with the front shoulder slightly higher than the back—to encourage upper-body rotation throughout the stroke
  • Making the stroke by rotating the upper body minimizes the movement of the hands, wrists, and forearms. It also facilitates a true pendulum stroke, straight back and straight through, with the clubface remaining square to the target line
  • The forward angle of the shaft and innovative Optical Alignment System position the golfer’s body in the same position every time
  • The shaft attaches to the back of the putter head, allowing the golfer to see the entire face, significantly aiding alignment and confidence
  • Regular use of the TOUCH trains the body to make a better stroke, one without the small muscles of the hands, arms, and wrists that can produce mis-hits, mistakes, and misses
  • Like the ACE putter, the TOUCH putter, at any length, is legal under the new Rules of Golf, which ban anchoring. All AccuLock putters are designed to be stroked with the top of the grip resting comfortably—and legally—against the inside of the leading forearm.

Along with its traditional head shape, the TOUCH putter is weighted to provide greater mass, which translates into the soft feel golfers equate with a blade putter. Properly rotating the core to make the stroke requires much less effort than traditional arc putting, so even golfers who migrated away from the blade design because of its lightweight will find the TOUCH produces precise distance along with outstanding feel and control.

The new AccuLock TOUCH is available in Stainless Steel and Midnight Black.

The price for either color or length is $299.99. The putter will be sold at www.biomechgolf.com and in stores this spring.