Warwick, RI (Jan. 12, 2016) – This week is the PGA Tour’s first full-field event and for the significant number of players affected by the anchoring (fixed point) ban, an opportunity to try out new putters. A recent Golf.com article outlined three optional methods for pros wanting to continue using a long putter. The BioMech AccuLock ACE putter is perfectly suited for all three.

By using the Acculock ACE, which is designed to optimize the physiology and physics of the putting stroke, tour pros and everyday golfers alike can continue to putt at a high level. BioMech’s AccuLock ACE putter — available in various lengths — conforms with USGA Rules.

Tour veteran and four-time PGA Tour winner Heath Slocum, a member of the BioMech Sports Golf Professional Staff, is one of several PGA TOUR players using the AccuLock ACE putter in 2016. “The science behind the design of this putter will permit golfers to improve upon the success that they have experienced with the anchored putter without violating the Rules of Golf,” Slocum said.

The Golf.com article outlined three alternative techniques, all conforming with the USGA new rules:

  • Staying with the normal “anchored” setup, golfers pull their top hand away from their chest and putt as before.
  • Golfers rest the grip of the long putter against the inside of their lead forearm – making sure the grip is below the elbow to comply with the new rule.
  • Using a “claw”-style grip to stabilize their stroke.

The ACE putter can be used with all three methods and will continue to produce the more natural and consistent putting stance and stroke it was designed for. The ACE features a long shaft (allowing golfers to stand up straighter) that is angled slightly forward to put the golfer in an anatomically optimal position. Once in that position, the grip rests against the inside of the leading forearm, a position that remains legal under the new rules.