— Interview conducted by Matt Ward

I grew up in the coal mining region of Western Pennsylvania, My father — a gifted athlete — loved golf and started teaching me the game at an early age. We all worked very hard and money was tight but Dad managed to scrape together enough money to get us a membership at the VFW golf club. Whenever I could ‘hitch a ride’ to the course I would play. With the help of the local pro and the members, I managed, in spite of myself, to get better, and age 14, made it to the High School State Golf Finals. Opting to focus on my education and scientific career, I stopped playing and waited over 35 years to return to the game.  

For me the game of golf is a health issue and a biophysical event. Your “golf life” is a biological process that changes as your body changes. The goal is to adjust to changes from aging, injury, disease, behavior, schedule, etc. and still play and enjoy the game…

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 Photo by Zee Anna Photography