Warwick, RI (July 15, 2015) – BioMech Golf Equipment, a division of BioMech Sports, today announces the launch of its consumer website for U.S. and international product purchasing to increase its reach and better serve customers, www.biomechgolf.com.

BioMech’s flagship product, the AccuLock ACETM putter – designed to match the biomechanics of the human body—has become a must-have club for tour professionals, club pros, and casual amateur players, and is receiving considerable attention since its unveiling at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida. With the volume of consumer interest increasing rapidly and certain to grow, the need to offer products to consumers has become systemically important while the green-grass and retailer distribution channels expand.

Invented by scientists, professional sports instructors, and design engineers who love golf, the AccuLock ACE was developed using a host of scientific principles that produce a more natural and consistent putting stance and stroke. An improvement over traditional putters and putting methods that focus solely on mechanics, the ACE was designed from the body-out and features the AccuLock Core Putting System that combines the physiology of the human body with the physics of the proper putting motion, creating an anatomically optimal putter design.

Heath Slocum, the first PGA Tour player to put the putter into play, had this to say about the ACE, “It just feels natural and more athletic. To me it’s just easy and makes sense.”

Dr. Frank Fornari, one of the inventors and the company’s founder and CEO, adds, “The putter and method are a natural outgrowth of the most efficient and simple way to perform the putting stroke. The club simply takes much of the thinking and extraneous movement out of the stroke, resulting in better alignment, setup, motion, and ultimately better putts. The research and development have taken six years and the data regarding the improvement for every aspect of the putting motion are very compelling. Its design also can prevent and reduce back problems typically associated with traditional putting and the method requires much less work.

The putter has received considerable interest from PGA Tour players and its presence is increasing on other professional golf tours, including a top-10 finish by Japan Golf Tour superstar Shingo Katayama at The Crowns tournament in Aichi, Japan. The ACE has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Golfweek, Golf.com, and Golf Channel, among others.

The ACE is available at biomechgolf.com and through green-grass retailers for a retail price of $279.99.


Founded by scientists and design engineers credentialed in the biological and physical sciences, the company utilizes functional and clinical anatomy, physiology, and physics to optimize golf movements. BioMech is a professional company that designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes innovative golf equipment and the corresponding educational and instructional materials that enrich every player’s golf experience. Learn more about BioMech and its products on the Company’s web site: www.biomechgolf.com.