— Michael Chwasky

The AccuLock Ace putter ($279) from BioMech has been getting some play on the PGA Tour lately and was one of the more unique products introduced at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando last month. Designed to work in an anatomically correct way with the body to promote a core-driven stroke rather than one controlled with the hands and arms, the Acculock Ace also encourages better aim by providing a more natural set up position. The elongated 17″ grip is made to rest against the inside of the left forearm (for a right-hander) to further stabilize the hands and arms during the stroke.

Other features of the AccuLock Ace include a shaft angle that allows the putter to function as a training aid by promoting a consistent address position, an upright lie angle that minimizes arc in the stroke for a more straight-back, straight-through motion, and an optimal face angle at impact for a smoother roll…

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