…Passionate people: There are so many smart people investing their intelligence and care in the game. Case in point: Frank Fornari, 56, an early retiree from the biotech industry where he was putting to good use his two Ph.Ds – one in toxicology, the other in molecular pharmacology. Now he’s debuting the results of six years of research and development designed to alleviate back stress and shaky hands that make putting a strain. His firm, BioMech, has developed what he calls an AccuLock Core putting system that marries physiology and physics to triangulate the movement among hands, arms and body. The putter he has developed is an oddly elegant device with an elongated, posterior shaft and a concave metal head that’s cored out to allow for easy alignment. Fornari figures the putter will make putting more of a core-body enterprise as opposed to one that takes place on the periphery. Even better, it conforms to new U.S. Golf Association guidelines about anchoring the putter, which will become effective Jan. 1.

Talk to Fornari for a few minutes and watch him use the putter and you’ll leave impressed with his commitment to science, health and golf.

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