BONITA SPRINGS, FL, January 9, 2015: BioMech Golf Equipment, a division of BioMech Sports, announces the design, production and introduction of the ACE Putter. The ACE, and all future putters, will feature the patented AccuLock System®. Invented by scientists who love golf, the putter’s biophysically optimal design allows the club grip to rest firmly against the inner surface of the leading forearm which helps stabilize the hands, arms and shoulders. Using core muscles and a stance that facilitates direct line viewing; this method reduces and/or eliminates erroneous hand, arm and shoulder movements, resulting in more accurate putts. The ACE will dramatically improve accuracy on the green and should immediately reduce the number of putts per round for any level golfer.

After several years in development, the ACE Putter will be introduced in the BioMech booth (# 800) at the PGA Golf Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida on January 20-23.

While not developed with the elimination of anchored (‘belly’) putters in mind, this USGA Approved putter is a wonderful alternative for those seeking to make the change away from anchored putters.

“We believe our putters will appeal to golfers of all levels,” said BioMech CEO Dr. Frank Fornari, “and the ACE Putter will become a must-have club for the casual amateur player as well as club and tour professionals. The ACE Putter is the first of many planned BioMech putters and wedges which will focus on the ‘Science of the Short GameTM’”.

Robert Hanayik, COO of BioMech added, “We’re excited to be part of the PGA Show and to share our new technology with people who know the golf industry and, like us, love to play the game.”

BioMech Sports and BioMech Golf are privately owned businesses based in Bonita Springs, Florida.